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Arm Care: "Decelerator Passes"

We focus so much on speeding our arms up (accelerator muscles) to see velocity gains, that we pay little attention to how we'll slow everything down (decelerator muscles), once we're sped up. This is a big reason why players fatigue quicker than they ought to, and ultimately end up having shoulder injuries.

Here's a great exercise to strengthen the shoulder's decelerator muscles, appropriate for both pitchers and position players. There are three movements involved that we seldom work on:

1. catching an over the shoulder, forward pass that we are forced to slow down,

2. controlling a weighted ball down a dry (no release) throw, and

3. an over the shoulder, reverse (palm forward) throw.

My guy Aidan puts on a clinic with this exercise, and his arm has held up great all spring/summer as a result.

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Ryan Speier is a professional pitching instructor in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He played professionally for 12 seasons, was a member of the 2007 National League Champion, Colorado Rockies, and has coached at the NCAA Division-I level. Ryan is a dad, husband, and follower of Jesus Christ. Find Ryan on Facebook here:

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