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How do I book a lesson?
Enter your Coupon/Package code (if applicable). Next, choose from the available dates and times, confirm, and then we're ready to get to work!  


Are there times available not listed on the calendar?
Alternate time slots (including weekends) are available by request only, contact us.

When is the latest I can book?
Open slots will automatically close 48 hours prior to the time of the appointment if they aren't booked, and availability is subject to facility availability at World Baseball Outreach, so book in advance!  


How can I cancel an appointment?
Should you need to cancel an appointment, please do so 24 hours in advance. Here's our contact info if needed.


Do you offer packages of multiple lessons at a discount?
Due to limited availability, lessons packs are unavailable at this time. Please check back at a later date.

How often should I schedule lessons?
Every ballplayer is different, but for most, one lesson per week is plenty. The pitchers that typically see the greatest benefit adhere to a midweek throwing program and body & arm maintenance/strengthening routine of their own, in addition to their lessons, team practices, and games. 

What can I expect during the lesson?
The pitching portion of the lesson (active warmup, stretch, drills, throwing program, flatground/bullpen) typically takes about 30 minutes, and a great deal is accomplished in that time. After the pitching portion of the lesson, our pitchers are asked to complete an age-appropriate body and arm care/strengthening routine. Next, each of the first 10 lessons are equipped with classroom-type speaking points that range from wellness lifestyles to pitch selection. Finally, to round out each session, Coach Speier opens it up for Q & A and advocacy in any area that your ballplayer might have a need. 

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